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Nature inspired murals all over the world.

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Painting murals of hope around the world.

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Nature inspired murals all over the world.

What's my story?

I’m an artist who travels around the world painting murals about endangered animals.

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Traveling for Inspiration

M visits the animals in their natural habitats to learn about the species and meets with the people working to save them. 

Canadian Bear

Do you want to see my adventures?

M has been on a mission to find stories of humans saving endangered animals.
Every artwork is inspired by a story.
The artist has created over 80 artworks for "Not So Hopeless".

Tapir Danta Mural Costa Rica Emily Read


Most frequent questions and answers

A mural is a large-scale artwork typically created by painting directly onto a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surface.


There are indoor murals and outdoor murals , and can range from intricate designs to animals, nature and the universe.


Every mural represents the artist’s perspective about certain topic, specie, people and the emotions evoked in one location.


Murals enhance the visual appeal of indoor and outdoor spaces.

A muralist is a kind of artist that specializes on painting walls, ceilings, buildings, etc.

Almost anywhere. I’ve painted murals in schools, hotels, festivals, restaurants, homes, containers, patios, etc.

  • Increase the value or your property

  • Completely transform your space

  • Personalize your space into something special for you (ex. Your favorite place, your hometown, an animal that represents you, your child’s favorite animal, etc.)
  • Bring attention and more visibility to your business
  • Prevent getting graffitti
  • Transform your space to represent your business
  • Improve the image of your neighbourhood
  • Bring joy to the public
  • Walls, doors, sheds, trailers, 
  • Brick, wood, metal, drywall, concrete, etc.
  • We will have an initial meeting to discuss the project and ideas (virtual or onsite)
  • I will create mockups for the mural
  • We will review the mockup and make changes if needed
  • I prepare my materials and come to paint the mural
  • About a week or more later a protection coat is applied
  • You enjoy your new space!
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